About this Blog

I have created this blog to write about web technology. I love that stuff. So to start, let me write a short post about website hosting.

Web Hosting is Essential

Web hosting is essential for companies to survive these days, whatever the nature of business is. It is basically a system where a service provider lets the client create a website, of any sort, that contains web pages on resources that the service provider allots. The computing sources are offered by the host.

It’s colorful!

The range of services offered can vary with various service providers. Based on how complicated your website is, what exactly is its objective, and several other elements the service might be chargeable but there are also cost-free service providers. What type of service you need from the service provider depends on your necessity.

The Goal

Through web hosting, you will have an online existence. This way, clients can remotely gain access to your service portfolio and will also get you some business. But you need someone to manage all aspects involved with keeping a website up and running. And that is where hosting service providers come in.

The service provider will allot space on the server for your website and will give you the option of upgrading and expanding. The website will be managed by the service provider while you manage your core business and leave the website management part to them. Free hosting is limited in scope, but with paid hosting, you can have whatever you want for a price.

Lots of Choices

As far as picking a service provider is involved, it can get confusing because there are many companies out there who offer web hosting service and it can get complicated.

There needs to be good support and service from your service provider post sales and the association should have good uptime. Earlier to making contact with a host, you need to make certain that you are crystal clear about your services. Small companies and start-up companies need not go for a paid site model, they can utilize the free model till their specifications entail a paid site.

Premium is Always Premium

But at times, you will require paid web hosting, as what you need will not fall under the scope of free service providers. The speed should be good and the downtime should not exceed 10%. This will ensure that customers can always access your site. The site should be easily navigable and have all the required features necessary. Support should exist for features like shopping carts and secure servers. And there should be enough storage space to handle all your data.

So that was my first post. A little long for my taste, by I cannot control myself. Check back for another post soon!